RECON Leather

Every fetishist has a favourite material but ask them all and we’d put money on the top answer being leather. The smell. The feel. The look. The taste. The sound when it’s touched. It’s perfection for every one of the senses.

Fortunately for all the leather fiends, it’s also hugely versatile, and you can find it in an endless number of forms, from shorts and vests to gauntlets and masks. Even better, Recon’s range covers the lot; it’s all right here and ready to browse.

What, then, will it be for you?

Perhaps you’ll slip on a harness to immaculately frame those flawless chest, arm and back muscles. If so, the choice is yours between the Recon Signature Y-Harness and our hugely popular Bulldog Harness, both of which look stunning.

Fancy a bit of sensory deprivation instead? Take a look at the Basic Tight Hood from Fetters. Complete with pinhole eyes and adjustable lacing, it’s the perfect introduction to a new level of fun and pleasure for you and your partner.

We’ve got inexpensive leather arm bands too, available with red, yellow or black detailing so you can show your true colours. Perfect for matching up with our Leather Sport Shorts, which boast coloured piping at the edges.

The pièce de résistance you say? That’ll be the Reconian Hood. We’ll leave you to check that one out for yourself – it’s more than just fetish-wear, it’s a piece of art.

Sure, our range is amazing, but we pride ourselves on quality too. The products you see here are crafted by some of the UK’s best leather workers. They’re built to last, however rough you and your partner like to get.