2B™ Digital Link Interface

  • The 2B Link is an exclusive USB interface and software suite designed to allow you to connect your 2B directly to your PC or Mac via USB.

    Various control programs such as Commander2™ and UpLink™ will then allow you to control your 2B directly from your PC, Mac, or even across the Internet.

    *21/2/2014 Windows Drivers have been updated.

    This product is shipped to order and can take up to 20 working days to be collated and sent.  For more information please see our Made to Order page.

  • Uplink2™

    The Uplink2™ software is supplied as part of the Digital Link System and allows you to upgrade your 2B without having to send your unit back to us. In order to do this you need the link drivers (see below), the Digital Link System and the Uplink software. Once everything is up and running you can then download the latest firmware* and install via your PC or Mac.

    UpLink2 software is supplied with the Digital Link Interface. It is not available separately. Uplink2 software updates are available if you return your uplink CD directly to us. Do not attempt to use older versions of UpLink They will NOT work with the new firmware files.

    *Please note for technical reasons not all updates are available via Uplink, and there may be delays between updates being available via Uplink and our other Update services.

    USB Link Drivers

    In order to use the 2B with the link cable you must ensure your 2B is running a minimum of software version 2.07. To update using UpLink you need to have the bootloader installed and be running a minimum of firmware version 2.104.

    2B control units with older software versions many not have the additional hardware needed to work correctly with the link, and may need to be returned to E-Stim Systems for an upgrade BEFORE the link cable will work.

    The USB Link is only designed to work with the 2B. It will not operate with any of our other current control units.

    The Digital Link Interface contains all the additional electronics to connect the 2B to a PC or Mac with a spare USB connection. To enable this connection you need to install the driver before the cable is connected.

    Linux Users should find the USB driver is included in the kernel (assuming you are using 2.6.31 or above).

    1. Install driver. (You should only need to do this once)
    2. Connect cable.  Your OS should then detect the existence of the link cable, and then enable the necessary drivers.  Please note that although E-Stim Systems supply notes/drivers for Linux, they don't currently support them.

    Please note that although we supply notes for Linux, we don't currently support Linux.

    OS Released X32 X64 PPC Notes
    Windows* 21/02/2014 2.1.10 - Setup Executable. WHQL Certified.
    Mac OS X 10/08/2012 2.2.28
    Linux** 28/02/2011 2.1.10

    *includes drivers for the following versions of the Windows operating system: Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 8. As Windows 8 RT is a closed system not allowing for 3rd party driver installation the Windows 8 driver will not support this variant of the OS.

    ** Not currently supported by us.

    USB Link Drivers

    The Bootloader is a small program sitting inside your 2B that is only used when you update the main firmware (the program that controls the 2B itself). Older versions of the 2B prior to 2.104 do not have a bootloader, so you need to install it first. Click here for instructions on installing the Bootloader.

    Version Released Notes
    MD5: A581783047CEA8FF8549CBA9BA02C03A
    April 2013 Install before attempting an updated to 2.104

    Installing the bootloader is fast, but it is critical. If you 'brick' you 2B and cannot provide the debug log file, or you have installed a beta that failed, then you will have to either purchase a replacement IC, or return your 2B to our workshops for an upgrade. Both the replacement IC and a workshop repair/upgrade are chargeable.

    Firmware Upgrades

    The firmware files are encrypted data files. Do NOT attempt to edit them as corrupted data files could potentially damage your 2B and will invalidate your lifetime warranty. To download, right click on the download link below and 'Save Target As' to your computer. Click here for instructions on installing the Firmware.

    Version Released Notes
    MD5: CDBF7D62D2721E924798FBE98DD9B8EA
    April 2013 For use with the new bootloader. Requires Uplink 2.1
    2.103 19th March 2012 Fixes Throb & Thrust Bug
    2.09 12th July 2011 Adds Commander Access
    2.07 28th April 2011 Adds Digital Link Access. Fixed Backlight Bug

    Version 2.07 is the minimum firmware required to operate the digital link. Should you have a 2B with version 2.06 or below, then you will need to return your unit for an upgrade. Version 2.09 is the minimum required to operate with Commander™. 2.104 has the bootloader installed, but if you are upgrading from an older release the you will need to install the bootloader first.

    You do NOT need to install older firmware updates, the latest firmware version will have all the options and bug fixes of earlier releases.

    Please note BETA files (marked with a 'B' in the version) have not yet been fully tested, and may have bugs. If you find any please report them on the E-Stim forum. Before attempting to download and install BETA files, you must ensure that you are running the latest version of UpLink, and have the bootloader installed.

    If you 'brick' you 2B and cannot provide the log file, or you have installed a beta that failed, then you will have to either purchase a replacement IC (please contact us) or return your 2B to E-Stim (please contact us) for an upgrade. Both the replacement IC and a workshop repair/upgrade are chargeable.

    Please note these firmware files are ©E-Stim Systems Ltd 2010-2015, and are NOT offered for redistribution. All rights are reserved. Driver files are © their respective owners. E-Stim forum


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