Barcode Mason Leggings


Sporty style leather effect leggings from the fetish capital of Berlin. Stretchy like lycra but with a strong look, this is one pair of shorts you won't want to take off...

Take a look at this brand new leather imitation material, that's exclusively produced for Barcode Berlin. It's innovative, comfy, resistant and completely washable. It looks great and the material is soft, elastic and matt-silky smooth.

52% polyester, 45% polyurethane, 3%elastane.

Small Medium Large Extra Large
28"-30" (71 - 76cm) 30"-32" (76 - 81cm) 32"-34" (81 - 86cm) 34"-36" (91 - 96cm)
BARCODE BERLIN attracts customers with quality in mind. The promise of long lasting durability is kept by exclusively utilizing premium and pre-washed materials. They guarantee high quality standards by consistently monitoring the production. Barcode exclusively produce in Europe, maintaining the spirit of Berlin and incorporating designs and styles from around the world. With their products, comfy and sexy are no contradiction at all. BARCODE BERLIN reflects the city of Berlin: it´s sexy, it´s open, it´s independent.



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