Big Boy Chain Collar


It's time to get heavy at the Recon Store with our range of fantastically heavy duty stainless steel chain collars and padlocks.

  • The Big Boy Chain Collar is made out of 8mm thick stainless steel chain with a chunky circular 70mm disc padlock.

    It's available in 4 different lengths (19"/48.3cm, 20"/50.9cm, 21"/53.3cm, 22"/55.9cm) to suit any neck size.  Our model is wearing a 20" collar and has a 16.5" shirt collar size.

    • Stainless steel chain - it won't rust, pit or decay, unlike other cheaper zinc coated chain.
    • Stainless steel 70mm disc padlock - no rust, heavy duty security with two keys
    • You can't get this chain at B&Q, Home Depot, Brico, or down the market, it's top grade security chain.
  • A quick spritz of WD40 or other water displacement spray will keep the padlock in tip top condition, especially if you like your watersports!


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