BiPolar Pinwheel


If you thought the single pinwheel sounded interesting...then try our bipolar version!!

Pinwheels (or Wartenburg wheels) were originally designed to test nerve response...our custom designed bipolar electrical pinwheels test more than just nerve response!

With insulated handles and fitted with heavy duty 4mm sockets in each handle, these bipolar electric pin wheels have been described by some as 'just plain 'evil''. Each spiked wheel teases the skin as the current flows though, producting an unbelievable sensation.

As this is a bipolar electrode it can be used on most parts of the body, but care needs to be taken to ensure the path between the pinwheel and the second contact point does not cross the chest, and do not use to stimulate areas above the neck. This electrode is not designed for insertion.

We strongly recommend the use of conductive gel, pinwheels on dry skin just don't work as well.  4mm sockets.

This product is shipped to order and can take up to 20 working days to be collated and sent.  For more information please see our Made to Order page.

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