Black Skinhead Back-Zip Bleachers


These Skinhead Bleachers are made of reclaimed Levi button fly 501's.

They feature a hidden rear zipper stitched into the seat.

The zip is completely hidden and looks and feels like it's not there.

Colours may vary slightly as bleachers are made from 'reclaimed' denim that is then bleached.

As with all of our Skinhead Bleachers, the denim fabric is weakened by the bleaching process. Rips may develop during rough play.

Please note that we are unable to offer an inseam selection as we expect these jeans to be worn either rolled up or inside boots. If you have a particular requirement, please put it in the order notes and we'll try our best to fulfil your request.

IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of the bleaching process and the vintage nature of the denim, shrinking may occur to the jeans during the bleaching process; all items are re-measured before shipping and new sizes may be written on to the jeans. This is normal and as with all jeans reflect "true waist" sizing.
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