BON4 Silicone Puppy Tail


You best stop, sit and beg for the latest amazing puppy tail plugs from BON4 at the Recon Store!

100% silicone, shaped to perfection and just the right consistency for a bouncy wag, these tail plugs are the highest quality pup toy that you can lay your hands on! They come in three different sizes to suit any pup, from a Terrier to a Timber Wolf!

Join the Recon Kennel Club today and get wagging your tail!


  • Also available in Brown
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • No unpleasant chemical smell
  • Can be boiled to clean/sterilize


Small Medium Large Extra Large
Total Length 12.6" (320mm) 13.2" (335mm) 13.8" (350mm) 14.7" (380mm)
Plug Diameter 1.7" (43mm) 1.9" (49mm) 2.1" (54mm) 2.2" (63mm)
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