BON4L - Large Silicone Chastity Device

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  • BON4 - the next generation version of the famous BON4 Silicone Chastity device.

    After receiving both complaints and compliments from customers regarding the design of their chastity device, BON4 set about re-writing the book on chastity and came up with the brilliant current BON4 device.

    This improved BON4 device comes in two different sizes, each with four different sized silicone back rings for the best fit and enhanced comfort. The whole device is made of out crystal clear, high grade silicone, meaning no allergies or irritations and warm comfort when wearing.

    The device comes with three holes for ventilation which also can be used for cleaning and one for urination. The cage hangs downward in a realistic pose which means you can wear it under anything...

    Nobody will know except the keyholder! Indulge your chastity fantasies with the Recon Store and BON4!

    • Silicone cage 110mm (4.33″)
    • Internal cage length: 88mm (3.46″)
    • Cage opening diameter: 35mm (1.37″)
    • 4 Different silicone back rings - (1.57″, 1.73″, 1.88″ and 2.04″)


    • 2 Nylon pins
    • 2 Plastic locking straps
    • 5 Individually numbered plastic seal locks
    • A top quality padlock
  • Tips to keep your BON4 in good shape

    • You can wash your BON4 with a mild soap or sterilize in boiling water (2 minutes).
    • Keep the BON4 in a dry place, not wrapped in plastic and not in the sun.
    • It is always a good idea to store the BON4 in its original packaging. We supply a soft velveteen pouch ideal for this.
    • We recommend the use of a water-based lubricant when using the device.
    • Do not use oil or silicone based lubricants. These are mineral-based and will degrade the silicone. Vegetable oils such as olive oil are safe to use.
    • Many customers use baby powder or talcum powder on their genitals before putting the device on. This feels nice nice on your skin.
    • If you take a shower with the BON4 on, or if you have cleaned the device so that it is wet inside, gentle use of a hair dryer on a cooler setting will help to get the cock cage completely dry.
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