Conductive Rubber Loops (Pair) 2mm


These soft conductive rubber loops are the ultimate in low cost electro play for the penis. The soft silicon rubber is highly conductive and stretches to accommodate the penis from soft to hard. Each conductive loop is easily adjustable even in use. More comfortable than metal loops (have you ever tried to adjust a solid metal loop?) more effective than the classic blue bands, and more durable than nearly anything on the market, you will not be disappointed.

Ensure that the loops do not touch each other during use. The conductive loops are supplied as a pair. A connection cable not supplied. You will need a 2mm Cable (supplied as standard with all of our E-Stim control units). We would also recommend the use of TacGel to stop things sliding around too much. Suitable for connection to any of our E-Stim control units.

This product is shipped to order and can take up to 20 working days to be collated and sent. For more information please see our Made to Order page.

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