Crackstuffers - Jack Truncheon

£51.99 GBP

The range is still in it’s classic blue hue, but made of a special vinyl PVC. The new material is stronger, has a pleasant non-chemical aroma, is completely Phthalate-free and most importantly doesn’t sweat!

Crackstuffers have some big stuff in the pipeline (let’s face it, when do they not have something big in the pipe?) and now at the Recon Store we have a new trio of those blue toys for your pleasure...

Here's the new Jack Truncheon, a new missile tipped truncheon with a new type of handle, perfect for fast fuckin’ a gaping hole.

For serious ass pigs!


  • 13.6" (34.5cm) tall and 1.8" (4.5cm) diameter at the widest point.


  • 14.2" (36cm) tall and 2.2" (5.5cm) diameter at the widest point.


  • 16.3" (41.5cm) tall and 2.8" (7cm) diameter at the widest point.
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