Crackstuffers - Suppository


The range is still in it’s classic blue hue, but made of a special vinyl PVC. The new material is stronger, has a pleasant non-chemical aroma, is completely Phthalate-free and most importantly doesn’t sweat!

Rounding out the new collection is the Suppository, a smooth, tapered work of blue art. It’s an imposing piece of kit, and sure to find a home with you perverts...

For serious ass pigs! A big stretch and glide, just sit down and enjoy the ride!

Small - 8.3" (21cm) tall and 2.2" (5.5cm) diameter at the widest point.

Medium - 10.2" (26cm) tall and 2.6" (6.5cm) diameter at the widest point.

Large - 12.2" (31cm) tall and 3.4" (8.5cm) diameter at the widest point.

Extra Large - 13.4" (34cm) tall and a hole-busting 3.7" (9.5cm) diameter at the widest point!

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