Donut Steel Cockring

  • This chunky thick donut steel cockring is approximately 15mm deep. Curved and weighty this one piece steel construction cockring has curved sides for comfort.

    Available in:

    • Small - 45mm (1.77")
    • Medium - 50mm (1.96")
    • Large - 55mm (2.16")
  • How to measure for a cockring:

    To get the right fit, a cockring should be loose enough to get on and off easily, but a bit snug to get your dick hard and stay hard when the blood starts pumping.

    • To calculate the size of a cockring, get some string or some ribbon.
    • Place the string/ribbon under your balls and round to meet at the top of your cock
    • Mark the point on the string/ribbon where it feels snug but comfortable.
    • Take off the string, measure that length and divide by Pi (3.14) - that's your size!
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