• Introducing the latest in E-Stim power boxes - the ElectroPebble® is what happens when you take all of E-Stims electro experience, listen to customers, and then back it up with legendary build quality and usability. Packed with features and fun the ElectroPebble® will give hours of pleasure for singles or couples.

    The ElectroPebble® comes with 2 channels each with their own independent stepless control. This means you can use 2 electrodes at once, and each one can be set to its own intensity, and being stepless the output can be set exactly to the level you want, sharing the pleasure across more of the body (below the waist of course). With the full range of Insertable electrodes, Surface play products and Cock products the possibilities for pleasure for you, your partner or both of you are almost endless.

    9 Adjustable Programs

    E-Stim went above and beyond, adding 9 program modes so the fun never gets boring. The modes are Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and Torment. Each one is minutely adjustable, just to make things interesting.

    Built in Microphone

    If 9 programs modes aren't enough, one of them is sound based, so with the built in microphone you can create your own sensations by either playing music or making your own noises. The sound signal drives the output signal, and using a totally new method the ElectroPebble® produces some great sensations that you control.

    Easy to Use Controls

    E-stim fitted soft touch knobs to each of the stepless controls. Output levels are controlled by two knobs, one per channel. Mode adjustments are done by a single soft touch knob and changing between modes is done by a simple button push (up or down).


    To make sure things do not get too confusing and so you know what is going on we fitted the ElectroPebble® with channel active LEDs, one for each channel and a unique LifeLine™ - a series of bright LEDs which pulsate in a variety of patterns all matched to the current mode, as well as the mode adjustment so you can get a good idea what the ElectroPebble® is 'thinking'.

    Lastly, it comes a rubber gripped box ergonomically designed to fit in the hand, and added built in self testing and a battery level test - this is all covered by E-Stims Lifetime Guarantee.

    The ElectroPebble® is much more than just an e-stim power box - it's a pleasure box.

    This product is shipped to order and can take up to 10 working days to be sent. For more information please see our Made to Order page.
  • Channels/Outputs

    - Dual Channels via industry standard 3.5mm mono sockets

    Display - High brightness Light Emitting Diodes indicating Status, Battery Level, Channel and Mode Activity.

    Program Modes

    - 9 - Pulse, Flo, Split, Bounce, Audio, Milk, Squeeze, Tease and Torment.

    Audio Input

    - Internal Microphone


    - Two independent controls for Channel intensity, Mode Adjust control and two Mode Select buttons.

    Output Waveform

    - BiPhasic AC

    Power Supply

    - Standard 9 Volt Alkaline (PP3)

    Dimensions (approximate.)

    - 116mm x 77mm x 38mm (4.5" x 3" x 1")


    - (with battery) 176g


  • Contents:
    • 2 x 3.5mm to 2mm/TENS Connection Cables
    • 4 x Self Adhesive Electrode Pads
    • 1 x PP3 Battery
    • 1 x Quick Guide
    • 1 x User Manual
    • All contained in a Carry Case.
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