FistPowder 7g Sachet

  • FistPowder now comes in an easy to use pocket size to fit in your wallet!

    Simply pour a 7g sachet in 500ml of warm water and get instantly 1/2 litre of the finest & most slippery lube for fisting, sex, masturbation and much much more!

    The new and improved FistPowder formula makes it ones of the most sought after lubricants on the market. FistPowder & FuckPowder are CE0459 certified for intimate use, hypoallergenic, condom & glove friendly, easy to clean and contain no preservatives. Neither stain and there's no strings!

    • Hypoallergenic
    • No preservatives
    • No stains or strings
    • Condom & glove friendly
    • Easy to clean
    • EU Medical Device certified (CE0459)
    • Made in France
    • Lasts for 5 days if kept cool!

    7g sachet of powder.

    1. Pour 500ml of warm water in a container or mixer and add the full sachet of powder.
    2. Shake/mix vigorously and thoroughly until a uniform gel is created with no lumps.
    3. Let the gel stand for 7-10 minutes and then shake again briefly.
    4. The gel is ready to use!

    You can adjust the thickness of the gel by adding/reducing the amount of powder. You can regenerate old gel by adding a splash of water and shaking again!

    Experiment with using the gel warm or cold for different sensations.

    The gel can be kept and used for up to 5 days if stored under 6°C (49°F).

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