Kink Craft Handcuff

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Have you ever wanted a lightweight, portable & subtle cuff system that’s also incredibly strong?! If you don’t, you will now!

Kink Craft decided to make fetish gear out of the amazingly useful Paracord - a stupendously strong nylon cord used by the military and survivalists the world over. Soft, yet incredibly strong, it’s the perfect material to make cuffs from. Put a pair on someone, and they won’t be able to break free - we had several staff members at Recon Towers try, and they just couldn’t get out of them!

The standard Kink Craft Handcuff is a two loops of braided paracord that are woven together in the middle, with two plastic clips that give easy entry and exit. These cuffs are more restrictive than the Figure 8 Cuff but are still super comfortable to wear for longer periods.  The plastic clips are a lot stronger than it looks, and resisted all attempts by us to break them. 

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