Magnetic Ball Stretcher


The guys at Recon Towers love these awesome Magnetic Ball Stretchers.  They clip on and off using a strong magnet, which avoids the need for screws and allen keys.

Made from smooth stainless steel and in a variety of sizes and weights. We recommend the larger width if you have a bigger ball sack!

Note: Please avoid solvents or water use only alcohol to clean magnet area.

Magnetic Ball Stretcher weights: 

  • 36mm (1.4")25mm (0.9") 0.338g
  • 36mm (1.4")40mm (1.6") 0.538g
  • 36mm (1.4")50mm (2") 0.710g
  • 36mm (1.4")60mm (2.4") 0.858g
  • 40mm (1.6")25mm (0.9") 0.392g
  • 40mm (1.6")50mm (2") 0.770g
  • 40mm (1.6")60mm (2.4") 0.980g


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