Mandax Ball Stretching System

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  • The Revolutionary Mandax Extender System is the Rolls Royce of the ballstretching world. It is the ultimate all in one ballstretcher system!

    The Mandax System provides a unique 5 stage stretching process with all the components included for a stretch from 20mm to 200mm (0.8” to 7.8”)! All the components are made from surgical grade stainless steel meaning you can wear this all day, every day...

    Mandax at the Recon Store was born inside the Fetish world - with us having the preliminary contact at Full Fetish during Fetish Week London 2014!

    It comes with a choice of three ring sizes (internal diameter):

    • 35mm (1.38")
    • 40mm (1.57")
    • 45mm (1.77")

    You can even amp up the experience with the Mandax Isolator Bars and a suitable E-Stim box, turning it into high voltage electro toy!

    If you want to go extreme, we're also selling the Mandax Mega Bar - capable of stretching your swingers to a massive 300mm long!

  • You need to measure around your scrotum; below your penis above your testicles.

    The rings need to be a nice snug fit, tight enough to prevent a testicle popping back through, but not too tight to be uncomfortable.

    Using a finger and thumb, put them round your scrotum and gently pull down making sure your testicles don't slip through your grip, but making sure it's comfy - then measure the gap between your fingers as best you can. Or if you have an exisiting steel ball stretcher you can use the internal diameter measurement from this.

  • Mandax Electro Isolator Bars (You need an E-Stim box.)

    Mandax Mega Bar - a bar that extends to a massive 300mm long!

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