Neoprene Backless Boxer Shorts - Red


We made you a promise to bring you even more amazing Titus Neoprene gear, and we always keep our promises - this week our Neoprene range is rounded out to include even more stretchy, pervy gear.

Got a beautiful bubble butt that you want to frame like an old master, or do you like the easy access in the club - either way the Neoprene Backless Boxer Short do the job for you! Featuring a supportive front pouch with zip, the back is a classic jock style rear giving access to those who need (or want) it most!

Comes in pure black, or contrasted by vibrant red or yellow piping.

Small Medium Large Extra Large

30" - 32"

32" - 34"

34" - 36"

36" - 38"

(76 - 81cm)

(81 - 86cm)

(86 - 91cm)

(91 - 97cm)

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