PenisPlug™ - Medium


The E-Stim Systems Medium PenisPlug measures just 55mm long with a 6.65mm shaft and features a distinctive Diamond shaped head which is 8.5mm in diameter at its widest. Designed and Engineered for those who fancy something a little different from standard urethral sounds and produced from aircraft grade aluminium.

With the super smooth, super shiny mirror finish and rounded tip the PenisPlug will slip in easily while the tapered Diamond head design allows the urethra to gently open up and then close around it holding the PenisPlug in place.

Every one of the PenisPlugs™ are designed with stylish grooving in the base area to help with gripping them with lube covered fingers and they add to the sensation when in contact with the head of the penis, and they are also fitted with an industry standard 4mm socket in the base.


  • Size (Diameter) Shaft 6.65mm Diamond Head 8.5mm
  • Base Diameter 24.5mm
  • Overall Length 55mm
  • Insertable length 44mm
  • Weight 18g
  • Connection 4mm
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