Recon Cycling Gear Cap

  • Recon is very proud to introduce the exclusive Recon Cycling Gear.

    From the outset of this project, we wanted to make our members and fetish devotees great lycra gear, without skimping on quality or design. We wanted our gear to be both for fetish and for the original purpose, just like the best sports gear in your life.

    We wanted you wear this gear our and about at the club, cover it in cum, rope or sweat, but also out and about on your bike or at the gym. The gear is professional quality cycling kit and is made out of high quality sublimate printed lycra.

    The Recon Cycling cap is the icing on the cake - we believe in full gear coverage and showing off a full look. On the upper brim it has the same gradient logo pattern as on the rear of the jersey, and if you flip it up it shows the Recon logo. The colours really pop out from the insanely high quality lycra printed witht the Recon colours. Wear it in conjuction with the rest of the Recon Cycling Gear for a full lycra sports look.

    All Recon Cycling Gear is made in Germany.

    One size fits all - because of its very elastic material, the cycling cap easily and comfortably stretches to fit every head size.

  • The CACP5 Cycling Cap is anatomically designed to provide the best possible fit. They are made from soft and elastic materials and are equipped with a silicone gripper to prevent the cap from sliding out of place. With its standard short bill, the cap fits nicely under your helmet. On the inside of the cap you'll find a sewn-in band for added comfort.

    The fabric is made from only the highest acclaimed European manufacturers and suppliers. Each fabric is individually selected to maximise comfort and durability and is moisture wicking to ensures quick moisture dispersal and optimal temperature regulation.

    Besides the fabric, the seam work is the next most important component in creating quality cycling kit. The products are sewn with a specially-developed, German-engineered thread that meets the highest demands of the sporting industry. An advanced '4 thread-overlock' machine stitch is used to ensure superior strength and stability.

    The printing process is computer-controlled to enable millimeter precision and laser sharpness. The jersey is printed with a 'thermal sublimated process' that binds the colour molecules to the fabric fibres at the molecular level. In this way, the fabric can remain soft and breathable, and the print will not wash-out, fade, or deteriorate.

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