Recon Cycling Gear Skinsuit

  • Hot on the heels of our amazing first lycra offering, Recon is very happy to introduce the Recon Cycling Gear Skinsuit.

    Just like our other custom lycra gear, we wanted to make our members and fetish devotees great gear, without skimping on quality or design. We wanted our gear to be both for fetish and for the original purpose, just like the best sports gear in your life.

    You can wear this gear our and about at the club, in a play scenario, cover it in cum, rope or sweat, but also out and about on your bike. The gear is professional quality cycling kit and is made out of high quality sublimate printed lycra.

    The Recon Cycling Skinsuit is the all in one of the cycling world, designed for speed and aerodynamics - this means for us that's is ultra-close fitting in all the right places, with a gloss sheen from the insanely high quality lycra printed with new Recon colours.

    It features a 3/4 hidden zip, ergonomic collar, a lightweight gloss lycra (Ti-Tex), race pad, seamless inner leg, with a long sleeve raglan cut including mesh ventilation under the arms. The legs are inbuilt with a silicone leg gripper to stop the shorts from riding up.

    Unlike the Recon Cycling Gear Jersey, the Skinsuit features no pockets for aerodynamic reasons.

    All Recon Cycling Gear is made in Germany.

    Important Sizing Information - this is professional quality gear meant to be worn skintight, and there are sizes beyond the regular small, medium, large and extra large. Please check the sizing information tab for details. If you have any questions please contact us!
  • Sizing references:

    • Chest Circumference - wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of your chest. Make sure the tape measure is straight, parallel with the floor and not pulled too tightly.
    • Butt Circumference - measure around the widest part of your hips and butt. Stand with your feet hip width apart, and be sure that the tape measure is straight, paralell with the floor and not pulled too tightly.

    If you are in between two sizes, choose depending on whether you'd like a looser fit or a tighter fit.

    Chest Size Butt Size
    Extra Small/Small (3) 33¾ - 35½"
    85.7 - 90.2cm
    35½ - 37"
    90.2 - 94cm
    Small (4) 35½ - 37"
    90.2 - 94cm
    37 - 38½"
    94 - 97.8cm
    Small/Medium (5) 37 - 38½"
    94 - 97.8cm
    38½ - 40¼"
    97.8 - 102.2cm
    Medium (6) 38½ - 40¼"
    97.8 - 102.2cm
    40¼ - 41¾"
    102.2 - 106cm
    Medium/Large (7) 40¼ - 41¾"
    102.2 - 106cm
    41¾ - 43¼"
    106 - 109.9cm
    Large (8) 41¾ - 43¼"
    106 - 109.9cm
    43¼ - 45"
    109.9 - 114.3cm
    Large/Extra Large (9) 43¼ - 45"
    109.9 - 114.3cm
    45 - 46½"
    114.3 - 118.1cm
    Extra Large (10) 45 - 46½"
    114.3 - 118.1cm
    46½ - 48"
    118.1 - 121.9cm


  • The CT7 Epic skin suits seeks to maximize aerodynamics - its athletic top to bottom tight fit were designed to keep wind resistance at a minimum while providing the best possible comfort.

    The fabric is made from only the highest acclaimed European manufacturers and suppliers. The fabric is individually selected to maximise comfort and durability and is moisture wicking to ensures quick moisture dispersal and optimal temperature regulation.

    Besides the fabric, the seam work is the next most important component in creating quality cycling kit. The products are sewn with a specially-developed, German-engineered thread that meets the highest demands of the sporting industry. An advanced '4 thread-overlock' machine stitch is used to ensure superior strength and stability.

    The printing process is computer-controlled to enable millimeter precision and laser sharpness. The jersey is printed with a 'thermal sublimated process' that binds the colour molecules to the fabric fibres at the molecular level. In this way, the fabric can remain soft and breathable, and the print will not wash-out, fade, or deteriorate.

    There's no compromise with our zip selection - the apparel is equipped with the #1 world-wide leader in zipper manufacturing. This offers you the highest quality zipper possible.

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