Reconian Hood

£274.99 GBP

This hood is our baby - it's been in development for nearly two years and born from the talented hands at Fetters own workshop for Recon.

It's made from a soft, supple yet thick leather with 2" steel spikes placed throughout the hood, with tight back lacing with a guard to stop your hair getting caught.This hood is a striking piece of work and makes a strong statement.

It commands attention - we've been inundated with requests for this hood since a staff member featured it on their profile when it was in development!

Grab yourself a piece of Recon history right now!

Sizing :

  • Small/Medium - 52cm - 58cm (20.4" - 22.8") crown
  • Large/Extra Large - 55cm - 61cm (21.6" - 24") crown
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