Sheets of San Francisco - Black Strap Throw Sheet

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Welcome to the future of fetish playsheets, now in stock at the Recon Store!

Sheets of San Francisco have developed a fantastic range of high quality, premium playsheets, especially designed for the messiest of playscenes, all whilst being incredibly durable and machine washable!

Drape this throw over any surface of your house, bed or dungeon and you'll instantly have a waterproof and lubeproof area to play at whatever your heart desires.  This excellent version is digitally printed with a kinky leather strap and rivet design, 

Size of 136 x 210cm (55" x 83")

  • Digitally printed with an amazing design.
  • Unique Material - 2 ply engineered fabric. High performance, practical and hardwearing.
  • Fluidproof - Resistant to a wide range of fluids from massage oils and lube to watersports. Perfect for things such as food-play. (With wax-play wax peels off easily when it cools. Please note long term introduction of hot materials to the sheets have not been tested).
  • Breathable - This makes the sheets much more pleasant in use as is reduces sweating and is unlikely to stick like vinyl and rubber sheets might.
  • Good Skin Feel - The material feels great against the skin in its raw state. It has a soft and sensual feel which can only be enhanced by the use of your fluids of choice.
  • Seam Free - Most of our sheets are cut from one piece of fabric so are only seamed in the corners. There are no seams on the top surface improving comfort and practicality.
  • Made in UK - The sheets are manufactured near Preston for the UK and European market. Local Manufacture means SoSF support other local companies whilst being able to keep a close eye on quality and maintain fast resupply times.
  • Washable - One of the great benefits of these sheets is that they are so easy to launder. Simply machine wash on a standard cycle and then line dry or tumble dry warm.
  • Tough & Durable The fabric is very tough and also quite elastic so it is very resistant to penetration and hard to damage.


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