Skins Ultra Thin (12pk)

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Premium Quality Condoms That Feel Like a Second Skin...

In a perfect world no one would choose to wear a condom but now, more than ever, Skins Condoms are an essential wear. The trick is to find a condom that offers not only reassurance but also the best sensation possible. Skins set out with that objective in mind. Having spoken to lots of condom users and a little research of their own, (a tough job but someone has to do it!), they looked to source the very best ingredients to ensure as natural an experience as possible.

Feel even closer to your partner with the strong yet amazingly thin Skins Ultra Thin Condom. With all the characteristics of Skins Natural but even thinner wearing a Skins Ultra Thin brings is as close to the real thing as wearing a second skin.

Length : 190mm

Width : 52mm

Thickness : 0.060mm (60 microns)

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