Steel Ball Stretcher

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Get ready for some heavy metal in your life (and we’re not talking about Judas Priest!) The Recon team has laid their hands on the biggest range of steel ball weights yet, with an amazing selection of over twenty different sizes and weights to chose from!

Excellent quality Stainless Steel Stretchers. Available in a range of sizes and weights; for the nut-stretching beginners, right up to those of you with uber ball busting low-hangers!

Sizes & Weights:

15mm/0.6" High

  • 30mm Wide - 247g
  • 34mm Wide - 238g
  • 37mm Wide - 206g

30mm/1.2" High

  • 30mm Wide - 540g
  • 34mm Wide - 494g
  • 37mm Wide - 456g

40mm/1.6" High

  • 30mm Wide - 741g
  • 34mm Wide - 656g
  • 37mm Wide - 596g

50mm/2" High

  • 30mm Wide - 906g
  • 34mm Wide - 849g
  • 37mm Wide - 760g

60mm/2.4" High

  • 30mm Wide - 1119g
  • 34mm Wide - 993g
  • 37mm Wide - 925g

90mm/3.5" High

  • 30mm Wide - 1662g
  • 34mm Wide - 1511g
  • 37mm Wide - 1377g

120mm/4.7" High

  • 30mm Wide - 2267g
  • 34mm Wide - 2110g
  • 37mm Wide - 1870g

The internal diameter relates to the centre hole and depends on the size of your balls and comfort. Pick a larger size if you have big balls and want added weight.

Allen key included.

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