Steel Cockring 5mm Deep

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  • Finally we're proud to announce an upgrade to our Metal CB lines - this UK sourced cockring has not only been endorsed by several of the staff at Recon Towers, it will be included in our new leather range...

    5mm (0.2") deep surgical one piece surgical steel construction with bevelled sides for comfort.

    Available in six different sizes!

    • How to measure for a cockring:

      To get the right fit, a cockring should be loose enough to get on and off easily, but a bit snug to get your dick hard and stay hard when the blood starts pumping.

      • To calculate the size of a cockring, get some string or some ribbon.
      • Place the string/ribbon under your balls and round to meet at the top of your cock
      • Mark the point on the string/ribbon where it feels snug but comfortable.
      • Take off the string, measure that length and divide by Pi (3.14) - that's your size!
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