Viaman Male Formula

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Viaman Male Formula is a newcomer to the market but is already making waves! It’s an all-natural male enhancement supplement aimed at eradicating issues relating to erection quality and sexual performance. Just one Viaman capsule a day could help to improve the proportions of an erection, work to maintain libido, support erection stamina and more.

This superb product combines some of the most potent natural male enhancement ingredients around. This includes extracts such as L-carnitine, which are known to boost sexual performance by increasing the size, strength and duration of an erection. The ingredients in this unique supplement have been carefully chosen for their ability to provide rapid results, just one daily capsule.

Contains only natural ingredients: L-Arginine (100mg), L-Lysine (100mg), Acetyl N-Carnitine (100mg), Fenugreek (400mg), Maca Root (200mg), L-Citruline Malate.

30 capsules.

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